What are Holey Stones?

Nature’s gifts – amulets.

An amulet is a natural object used as a charm.

Amulets may include: fossils, stones, crystals, pieces of wood, feathers, four leaved clovers, flowers, nuts and seeds.

One  example of an amulet is a holey stone.  These have long been carried and worn as charms.

Holey stones have many names including lucky stones, witch stones, fairy stones, hag stones and here in the North East of England they are sometimes called Adder Stones.

The holes are caused by the burrowing of a bivalve mollusc called Pholas datylus “Common Piddock”.

These stones are reported to have magical properties, the most important of which is protection against harm.

The holes are considered to be doorways or portals through which someone can draw or repel energy.  For example the holey stone is said to bring luck or send away misfortune, bring wealth or banish deprivation.

Holed stones were fastened to a house or byre door to keep witches away and to bring good luck.

They were also hung above a bed's head as a prevention against nightmares.

Fishermen fastened them to the bows of their boats to keep witches and evil spirits at bay.