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  1. Here's a lovely little craft project for your patio or garden using sea glass that isn't jewellery quality. Your sea glass may have a few nicks and not be smooth and fully frosted, but can still be used to make this wonderful little windchime.

    Sea glass pebbles, centre drilled and hung on a piece of driftwood. So delicate and when it catches the breeze you hear a lovely tinkiling sound.

    Found on - home sweet homemade blog.

    https://poindextr.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/seaglass-pebbles/    (Can't get the link to work so if you copy the link into your browser search bar and hit enter it will come up)

  2. Will there, won't there, be any sea glass? This was going round my head as I walked to the beach. For the last few weeks there hasn't been any sea glass or gravel and this is because of the way the tides, waves and all the other components of sea glass being uncovered and being able to be found is just not happening. Hopefully we will have a different concoction of waves etc. that will uncover some sea glass, but until then I'll just have to keep checking.


    Where is the sea glass?

    Not collecting sea glass means more time in the studio and these are what I'm making at the moment - little sea glass, shell and Swarovski crystal necklaces which are very popular with brides that are having a beach wedding or a beach themed wedding. I have a few in my website shop, but if you need more please just message me :)

     974a sea glass swarovski pearl shell the strandline (1)