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  1. Yey, it's sunny this morning here in Northumberland, can only hope it lasts! Post Office run, then beach walk (looking for sea glass) then into the studio to make some more of these gorgeous little stacking rings. They're made with 2mm sterling silver wire, so not as thin as my super skinny 1mm stacking rings.

    Wear them singly or stacked, buy one then add to them. What do you think, alone or stacked?

    sterling silver stacking rings 2mm the strandline 6x4 (2)

  2. Had a fabulous walk along the beach yesterday collecting sea glass and taking photographs. The weather was a bit mixed, voercast, sunny, cloudy and for July it was a little chilly - had my fleece on.

    ♥  The video has just been uploaded so it may be a little while before you can play it.  I will keep checking to see when it is available :)


  3. #WOW – what a surprise!  My tweet was re-tweeted by Jacqueline Gold, CEO of Ann Summers!

    wowbutton 25in

    In June 2011 Jacqueline launched a campaign to support women in business, an area she is incredibly passionate about. Women On Wednesday, or #WOW, takes place every Wednesday and is run through Jacqueline’s Twitter page. Each week Jacqueline encourages female business owners to tweet her using the #WOW hash tag along with their business name and a short overview of what they do. Jacqueline then picks her three top entries for that week and re-tweets them to her followers (currently over 48,900).  The three winners also receive a #WOW badge which they can display on their company websites.

     When selecting the three winners, Jacqueline looks for businesses that are interesting, that have strong brand values and that she thinks have potential to grow and succeed in their industry.  She looks for quality products, well designed websites and entrepreneurs who appear to have a good business and who have thought about what the consumer wants and how to deliver it.

  4. Here's a lovely little craft project for your patio or garden using sea glass that isn't jewellery quality. Your sea glass may have a few nicks and not be smooth and fully frosted, but can still be used to make this wonderful little windchime.

    Sea glass pebbles, centre drilled and hung on a piece of driftwood. So delicate and when it catches the breeze you hear a lovely tinkiling sound.

    Found on - home sweet homemade blog.

    https://poindextr.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/seaglass-pebbles/    (Can't get the link to work so if you copy the link into your browser search bar and hit enter it will come up)

  5. Will there, won't there, be any sea glass? This was going round my head as I walked to the beach. For the last few weeks there hasn't been any sea glass or gravel and this is because of the way the tides, waves and all the other components of sea glass being uncovered and being able to be found is just not happening. Hopefully we will have a different concoction of waves etc. that will uncover some sea glass, but until then I'll just have to keep checking.


    Where is the sea glass?

    Not collecting sea glass means more time in the studio and these are what I'm making at the moment - little sea glass, shell and Swarovski crystal necklaces which are very popular with brides that are having a beach wedding or a beach themed wedding. I have a few in my website shop, but if you need more please just message me :)

     974a sea glass swarovski pearl shell the strandline (1)

  6. Do you watch Escape to the Country?  This television show is all about country properties in the UK and I've just found this video of an episode about my home county of Northumberland.  I'll not spoil it for you by telling you where the areas are that are covered in the programme, but some might appear very familiar :)

  7. Woohoo! Chilly at the beach today. Not much sea glass, but who cares when you can stand and stare at a sea like this :)




  8. Fancy being creative? Got any sea glass?  Here's a wonderful recipe for a sea glass windchime... Let me know if you make one :)


    How to: Coastal DIY- Ombre seaglass windchime



    Coastal DIY seaglass windchime

    Seaglass windchime DIY instructions


    Seaglass windchime tools and supplies


    Lay out the seaglass by color in ombre.

    Driftwood branch and string

    Attach the string to the driftwood branch to form a hanger, tie knots and dab a bit of glue to ensure a tight hold.

    String the seaglass

    String the seaglass together with the craft wire, from light to dark pieces will give you the ombre effect.

    Seaglass windchime

    Last step to create your ocean art is to attach the seaglass strands to the driftwood branch and viola you have made a beautiful masterpiece.

    Photo credits:

    Ombre seaglass wind chime by The Rubbish Revival


  9. a merry christmas

    I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has made 2014 a wonderful year for me. Thank you to all my lovely customers and every one who has taken time to share my work and leave such kind and encouraging comments. You have no idea how important you've all been.
    Wishing you all A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! 
    Maureen x