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Wow! Black Sea Glass

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 black sea glass thestrandline

I’ve been collecting sea glass to make my jewellery for about four years now and yesterday was the first time I found Black Sea Glass, another first was that I found not one piece but two.

 black sea glass with green tone thestrandline copy

Black sea glass isn’t actually black, but in most cases the glass is very dark green or very dark amber.  I am exceedingly lucky here as I found one of each!  The larger of the pieces has a green tone and the smaller has an amber tone, this can only be seen when the glass is held up to a very strong light.

 black sea glass with amber tone thestrandline copy

Black glass was used prior to 1900 for beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages as they frequently needed protection from sunlight. 

As you can imagine I have collected a fair amount of sea glass, so what are the odds of finding a piece of ‘black glass’ – I don’t know!