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Deserted Beach

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Alnmouth Beach thestrandline

                                                         thestrandline Alnmouth Beach

thestrandline Alnmouth Beach Northumberland

Fabulous, if not chilly, morning walk along the beach!

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  1. Florence Jackson

    My father came from Northumberland, but I came for the first time in my late seventies and fell in love and felt at peace there. Alnmouth was the first beach I saw......but they are all beautiful. I have a piece of your jewelry which I wear all the time and makes me feel I am carrying a bit of the North Sea around with me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm guessing you were on the train when you first saw the beach at Alnmouth. You are right all the beaches along this piece of coast are beautiful and most of the time serene. Sometimes when I am sea glass hunting I am the only one on the beach, especially in winter time. Lovely to hear you are wearing your sea glass necklace all the time too, keeping you near the North Sea :)

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