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Beachcombing - Warkworth Beach

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Hi, I've just found out that I can put my blog posts into categories making it easier for you to find all blogs of a certain type, so I'm busy updating them - please bear with me :)

Today I've been beachcombing.  When I set out the weather was sunny (sunglasses on).

warkworth beach - looking north the strandline (2)

By the time I had walked to the beach the clouds had started to form.

warkworth beach - looking south the strandline (1)

I started walking and looking for sea glass, sadly there wasn't any probably because the tide had just turned.

warkworth beach - looking west the strandline (3)

I arrived at the north pier (which is south) and as I looked up I saw this huge cloud and thought I had better make a sharp exit!

This is at the entrance to the beach which is about a mile back home :(   As it turned out, it didn't rain - could have stayed longer!!