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Category: Wedding Anniversary List

  1. Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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    The celebration of wedding anniversaries dates back to Roman times when husbands gave their wives a silver wreath for 25 years of marriage, and a gold wreath for 50. Twentieth century commercialism then led to the addition of more gifts to represent names for other years. By the 1930's there was a material representing the year as a gift suggestion for the first year and milestone years such as 10th, 20th, 25th and 50th. Over the years more materials were added and the gift list updated and modernised by various American and British greeting card companies.


    Year Traditional Modern
    1st Paper Clock
    2nd Cotton China
    3rd Leather Crystal/Glass
    4th Linen Fruit/Flowers
    5th Wood Silverware
    6th Iron Sugar
    7th Copper/Wool Desk Set
    8th Bronze/Pottery Bronze/Pottery
    9th Pottery Linen/Lace
    10th Aluminium/Tin Leather
    11th Steel Jewellery
    12th Silk/Linen Pearls
    13th Lace Textiles/Fur
    14th Ivory Gold Jewellery
    15th Crystal Watches
    20th China Platinum
    25th Silver Silver
    30th Pearl/Ivory Diamond
    35th Coral Jade
    40th Ruby Ruby
    45th Sapphire Sapphire
    50th Gold Gold
    55th Emerald Emerald
    60th Diamond Diamond
    65th Blue Sapphire Blue Sapphire
    70th Platinum Platinum
    80th Oak Oak