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Category: Warkworth - Images

  1. Not quite a supermoon

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    Last night I was thinking about the supermoon that will occur tonight and thought I would take a few photos as it was looking good.


    Towards Amble - no moon yet

    moon last night

    Moon :)

    towards amble last night

    Towards Amble

    According to astronomers, tonight (Sunday) will see the moon closer to earth than it has been in the last 20 years. At around 18.10 the moon (supermoon) will be at it's full stage for approximately 26 minutes, taking it to within 221,765 mils of earth.

    Here's hoping for some good photos!


  2. Warkworth Bridge

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    On the way to the beach -  Warkworth Bridge - late 14th century

     warkworth bridge - late 14th century 800x473