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Category: Crafting

  1. Christmas Crafting

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    Hello from a very chilly Northumberland!  I'm off to the beach soon (collecting sea glass)  brrr!, but before I go I thought I'd have a Sunday morning browse on Pinterest.  Have you heard of Pinterest?  Ooooh! it's great, images of everything you can think of, but you won't get any work done once you are on there :)  Anyway, I found this wonderful pic of a sea glass and driftwood Christmas tree that I thought I'd share with you. Looks easy to make, so I'll have a go when I get back, you could let me know if you make one and I'll post it on here too :)

    I know what will happen now, I'll be bringing a great bag of driftwood back from the beach - better not forget about the sea glass!!

    If you check out Pinterest you could pop over to my page 'The Strandline' and give me a 'follow'  :)

    sea glass christmas tree

  2. Feeling Creative?

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    Fancy being creative? Got any sea glass?  Here's a wonderful recipe for a sea glass windchime... Let me know if you make one :)


    How to: Coastal DIY- Ombre seaglass windchime



    Coastal DIY seaglass windchime

    Seaglass windchime DIY instructions


    Seaglass windchime tools and supplies


    Lay out the seaglass by color in ombre.

    Driftwood branch and string

    Attach the string to the driftwood branch to form a hanger, tie knots and dab a bit of glue to ensure a tight hold.

    String the seaglass

    String the seaglass together with the craft wire, from light to dark pieces will give you the ombre effect.

    Seaglass windchime

    Last step to create your ocean art is to attach the seaglass strands to the driftwood branch and viola you have made a beautiful masterpiece.

    Photo credits:

    Ombre seaglass wind chime by The Rubbish Revival