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  1. Threatening Sky

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    Today's beach walk was nearly called off when I looked at the sky - very dark clouds coming my way.  Got well wrapped up and set off hoping for the best.  Got some good shots of the sea which was nearly at high tide, but couldn't go sea glass hunting as this high tide was a big one and I didn't want to get wet :)

    River Coquet, Warkworth20200606 Beach Walk (1)

    Warkworth Beach20200606 Beach Walk (5) 

    Warkworth Beach20200606 Beach Walk (4)

    Warkworth Beach20200606 Beach Walk (3)

    Warkworth Beach20200606 Beach Walk (2)

  2. First Day of Spring

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    It's the first day of spring today so I went for my first beach walk - yay! I can only say that it can't get any colder, or can it? The recent storms have certainly churned up the sea and even exposed an old pillbox.

    Pillboxes are concrete dug-in guard posts, normally equipped with loopholes through which to fire weapons. The originally jocular name arose from their perceived similarity to the cylindrical and hexagonal boxes in which medical pills were once sold. They are in effect a trench firing step hardened to protect against small-arms fire and grenades and raised to improve the field of fire. Pillbox, Wikipedia link

    I found a few pieces of sea glass and pottery, not good enough for jewellery, but interesting all the same. And, the sun finally decided to come out on my walk back which made it a lot more pleasant - hope it stays out for a while :)

    P1490337 copy

    P1490338 copy

    P1490341 copy


  3. Such a fabulous place!

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    Such a wonderful place!

    The Strandline on any beach is a wonderful place, but having  Warkworth beach as my local beach I suppose I am biased :)

    The Strandline.co.uk takes it’s name from the real strandline, the line on the beach where the turning tide leaves bits and pieces that have washed up on the waves. The shingle beds where I find most of my sea glass occur along the strandline and on the beach just behind it.  But it’s not only glass and discarded pottery that washes up on the strandline, the most obvious debris to be found there are the natural products of the sea, dislodged sea weeds, crab shell, mermaids purses, beautiful shells of razor clams, limpets, mussels and other molluscs and also natures own jewels quartz pebbles of rare agate, jasper, onyx and other minerals amongst the mounds of limestone and sandstone pebbles.

     “The Strandline” what better name could there be for something that makes beautiful jewellery from stranded pieces and distributes them “online”.  

    the strandline warkworth beach 1

    the strandline warkworth beach 2

    the strandline warkworth beach 3


  4. Beachcombing - Warkworth Beach

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    Hi, I've just found out that I can put my blog posts into categories making it easier for you to find all blogs of a certain type, so I'm busy updating them - please bear with me :)

    Today I've been beachcombing.  When I set out the weather was sunny (sunglasses on).

    warkworth beach - looking north the strandline (2)

    By the time I had walked to the beach the clouds had started to form.

    warkworth beach - looking south the strandline (1)

    I started walking and looking for sea glass, sadly there wasn't any probably because the tide had just turned.

    warkworth beach - looking west the strandline (3)

    I arrived at the north pier (which is south) and as I looked up I saw this huge cloud and thought I had better make a sharp exit!

    This is at the entrance to the beach which is about a mile back home :(   As it turned out, it didn't rain - could have stayed longer!!



  5. Beach today - Coquet Island

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     coquet island 540x402

     I've just had a brilliant, if not very chilly, walk along the beach (Warkworth). After yesterday's storm the beach looks very different. Along at the north end, at Birling Carrs, one of the caravans has been blown over and the wreckage is cascading down the dune.

    This photo is of Coquet Island, the sea is huge, with waves crashing and spindrift - pity you can't hear the waves, it was deafening. (must do a video)