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  1. The tide was coming in, the wind was howling and then it started to rain! I should have known it wasn't a beachcombing day. Found a few pieces of glass, not good enough for jewellery though, a few rocks, shells and a piece of pottery. The pottery is a piece of a handle from a round vessel and the vessel that immiediately sprang to mind is a chamber pot.


     beach find chamber pot beach find chamber pot   beach find chamber pot
  2. Sea glass is glass which was once in the form of bottles, jars and other objects. During the passage of many years in the sea the glass takes on new forms, forms of beauty that belie their prosaic origin. After decades or more in the sea these pieces wash up on the strandline, recycled to be the basis of beautiful jewellery, smoothed, shaped and frosted.

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    The journey the glass has undertaken is one of history and mystery.  What was it originally? When was it made? How far has it travelled?  How long has it been in the sea?

    As glass is being replaced by more plastic, sea glass is becoming a diminishing source.

    Sea glass quality varies from piece to piece

    Overall smoothness

    Frostiness of surface

    Colour rarity

    Shape and size



  3. CRAFTfest is just a week away 24th November - 1st December and I'm working feverishly to get my stall ready.

    I found some great Christmas gift ideas on the stall holders websites and have bought some stuff already - yey!

    Good luck everyone.   I'll be promoting some of the stalls on here soon so keep checking back :)