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  1. Today's beach walk was nearly called off when I looked at the sky - very dark clouds coming my way.  Got well wrapped up and set off hoping for the best.  Got some good shots of the sea which was nearly at high tide, but couldn't go sea glass hunting as this high tide was a big one and I didn't want to get wet :)

    River Coquet, Warkworth20200606 Beach Walk (1)

    Warkworth Beach20200606 Beach Walk (5) 

    Warkworth Beach20200606 Beach Walk (4)

    Warkworth Beach20200606 Beach Walk (3)

    Warkworth Beach20200606 Beach Walk (2)

  2. Doesn't the beach give you some fabulous treasure! This is a beautiful cobalt blue sea glass gem fresh from the sea ðŸ’™

    Cobalt glass was often used for medicine and cosmetic bottles including Noxzema jars/bottles, Milk of Magnesia and Vicks Vapor Rub.

    Cobalt blue is one of the rare colours of sea glass (depending where in the word you live).  

    C448 cobalt blue sea glass (5) copy 6x4

  3. What a lovely warm day it was yesterday so took my daily walk to the beach - didn't realise how warm it was and set off with a tshirt, cardi and fleece - the layers soon came off and I ended up with just the tshirt which is a pretty rare occurance (for me) here at the beginning of May.  Later on we actually remembered the full moon - Wow!!


    20200508 warkworth walk - may blossom

     Ah! The smell of May blossom


    IMG_3025 copy

     Bluebell Wood


     IMG_3008 copy

     Warkworth Beach

           P1610157 copy

     Full moon over Amble

  4. Beachcombing and Books

    When I'm at the beach I find all sorts of things sea glass, shells, fossils and even agates. It's really handy to have some books back home to help find out what things are and of course you can always Google things :) 

    Here are some books that are useful for beachcombing finds 

  5. Working with a piece of sea glass is a wonderful thing. When I find a piece of sea glass I wonder what it was before it was broken and tossed around in the sea and batterered against the rocks for over 50 years sometimes even a 100 years.  And I still wonder at the beautiful finish the sea gices to the glass, smooth and frosty but pitted with wonderful 'C' shapes or depending on the tides just smooth and frosty.  Here are some examples of different finishes on sea glass.

  6. Guess what I saw today - A1 Steam Engine Tornado - Yay! :)


  7. It's the first day of spring today so I went for my first beach walk - yay! I can only say that it can't get any colder, or can it? The recent storms have certainly churned up the sea and even exposed an old pillbox.

    Pillboxes are concrete dug-in guard posts, normally equipped with loopholes through which to fire weapons. The originally jocular name arose from their perceived similarity to the cylindrical and hexagonal boxes in which medical pills were once sold. They are in effect a trench firing step hardened to protect against small-arms fire and grenades and raised to improve the field of fire. Pillbox, Wikipedia link

    I found a few pieces of sea glass and pottery, not good enough for jewellery, but interesting all the same. And, the sun finally decided to come out on my walk back which made it a lot more pleasant - hope it stays out for a while :)

    P1490337 copy

    P1490338 copy

    P1490341 copy